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We are Balinese home industry
We have exclusive homemade of candles that originally carved from bee hive.

Made by order/request
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Bali is a place that uphold the values of religion, custom, and art, these three things are closely related to their lives. Balinese artist make a variety of beautiful accessories and ornaments, but rarely to sell their arts to international market caused by limited capital and information, from these problems, we run a home-based businesses focuses on sell carved candles to the international market with our highly skilled carving workers. Carving has a historical value that is very close to Balinese culture, and makes it has a high selling price, both domestically and abroad. However, we are able to offer competitive prices comparable to the quality of our professional workers.

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We already sold our candles for our long term customers in several small and large hospitality company in Bali such as


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